30 Little EGL Things You Can do for No Spend November

If you’d like to kick off your savings, this is an excellent time to do it! No Spend November is a popular challenge for people who want to get their spending under control.

This is a list of 30 things you can do, that’s one for every day, that are free for the month of November. I tried to make this list as accessible as possible based on things any given person might already own. I’ll also be blogging this challenge each day as I go through it- you’re welcome to comment or even blog about it on your site, or even vlog it! Use the hashtag #cheapfrills so we can easily find each other!

30 Free Things to do:

  1. Read a book about no spend challenges. See if you can borrow one from your library. If not consider buying Jen Smith’s The No Spend Challenge Guide before day 1.
  2. Use that face mask you have hidden in the back of your medicine cabinet. You might have to dig but it’s there. If not you can look up recipes using ingredients you have at home.
  3. Sign up for National Novel Writing Month- so many loliable ideas for NaNoWriMo stories!
  4. Bake a single serving sweet treat
  5. Finish that video game you started, want to finish, but never beat
  6. Actually learn the lyrics and how to sing that visual kei song you really enjoy!
  7. Make a bento meal- even if you pack it in an old butter container- if you want to share it no one will know from a top-down photo 🤫
  8. Savor a teatime break and enjoy a small cookie with it
  9. Refresh your knowledge of EGL and make a folder of inspirational coords
  10. Check out a lolita podcast! Self promoty, I know 😅
  11. Refresh your love of your current wardrobe by digitizing it https://mashable.com/2012/07/13/closet-management-apps/
  12. Brainstorm ways to play around with your clothes and find new ways to style them by searching up coords featuring dresses already in your wardrobe, even if they’re in different colorways. This can spark something within your own wardrobe.
  13. Wipe down, polish/shine your shoes
  14. Take a long bubble bath
  15. Borrow a book or a movie from the library- if your library has Hoopla you can even borrow movies!
  16. Watch a new or re-watch an old favorite EGL documentary
  17. Make a playlist of your favorite EGL YouTube videos
  18. List a few things on LaceMarket. Hey, if you’re doing a no spend challenge, odds are that it is partially financially motivated
  19. Consider taking up lace-making, all you need is string scissors and a piece of strong non corrugated cardboard (google/Ecosia search how to tat lace)
  20. Start a diary- you know you have an old notebook laying around.
  21. Start learning a language with Duo lingo for free.
  22. Clean out your handbag or backpack
  23. Mend a damaged piece you’ve been meaning to fix
  24. Bake a batch of cookies
  25. Give meditation a try
  26. Go for a walk
  27. Visit a friend and bring some of those home made cookies as a hostess gift
  28. Pick a main piece in your closet and try to make as many flatlays as you can with it
  29. Paint your nails
  30. Set up a savings account

I hope this gave you some great ideas, and I really aimed to keep things as based around what you might already own as possible. For instance, I doubt many people own a crochet hook and it’s tricky to improvise one, but it’s reasonable to assume most people have cardboard, scissors, and some kind of string- meaning tatted lace is more free/accessible than crochet to many people.