Camper To-Do List

There’s a few things I want to take care of to keep my camper looking good, or maybe even better. It’s mostly cosmetic, but this is a running list of things I’m doing to keep my camper spiffy.

[]paint cabinet hardware
[]make a T.V. stand out of an old/broken pallet from work
[]re-bleach or replace shower curtain
[]white RV couch cover
[]white fabric for galley cushions
[]white gauze or linen curtains for front and bathroom
[]blackout curtains for bedroom
[]new glass for two bedroom windows
[]get the awning hinge checked
[]hit up Austin for some heavy leather straps to replace the fridge and freezer door handles
[]paint fridge black
[]paint cabinets white
[]contact paper for galley table
[]cut a tray with a little set of rails to secure figures to wall
[]look into removable wallpaper
[]move hinge to front of Lenya’s box
[✓]buy and install one of those reusable shower drain hair catchers
[]Prepare a drawer for guests- cleared out but with a few essentials such as toothbrush, antacids, and ibuprofen as it seems guests don’t disclose headaches of feeling queasy until it’s too late
[]set up cable management system
[]create a guest’s guide to how the camper works
[]declutter under bed storage area
[✓]clear out pantry
[✓]table cloth for living room table
[]table cloth for galley
[✓]declutter wardrobe
[]sell off all cast off clothing (as opposed to donating- then I’m certain it’s rehomed as opposed to potentially discarded)
[]declutter hobby cabinets
[]finish sorting through paperwork
[]put dividers in main closet drawers