Sunglasses: The Most Important Accessory You Will Ever Own

Let’s talk about the most important accessory I own.

If I could only go out for a day with only my wallet, car keys and one other thing, I’d pick these. I use these near-daily. It would take a lot for me to stop using these, namely theft or breakage. Fear of either, however, won’t stop me from using them(except that one time last week, but I’ll get into that).

When regularly faced with sunlight, all that squinting can give you wrinkles, according to ABC News. I’m not nearly as concerned about wrinkles, however, as I am with getting surgery on my eyes.

Sunlight is terrible for us. It not only can cause cancer but a plethora of other health ailments can come to fruition as a result of not using eye-protection in it’s glow. A whopping twenty percent of cataracts are caused from UV exposure, according to the National Eye Institute.

Thankfully, there’s good news.

There’s sunglasses that suit every face-type and color palette and they just stay in style. That said, don’t just buy any sunglasses. Personally, I think Ray Ban shades are passe, namely because everybody and their mom has a pair. Go and find a pair you love and have fun with it. I found my authentic Gucci shades secondhand for $60- they were worth every penny as well, in my opinion.

That said, you don’t need to go with any particular brand. I honestly recommend hitting up your neighborhood thrift shops, like I did, and see what you happen upon. Who knows, you might just find something unexpectedly perfect.

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  1. Oh wow – what a great find! I definitely need to start wearing sunglasses; I’m a big squinter and I definitely don’t want any wrinkles! xx

    • Ahhh! 😣 Yes, you need a pair! The other benefit is a bit more important to me because I’m terrified of a doctor having to do things to my eyes, but I feel you so much on the wrinkles as well! I’m just getting to the age where I’m concerned about preventing wrinkles and minimizing them when they start to show up. 😅
      Get nice big ones that cover a lot of your face. It’s handy for a rough morning and gives the sun less ways to sneak behind them. 😉

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