Ocean City Beach Trip

My best friend and I went to Ocean City. She enjoys photography, so when I handed her the camera, I knew I’d get a few cool shots.

Outside a boutique in Berlin.

They had vegan cupcakes! We split this in half because we knew we were going to be enjoying a lot of treats.

I found something in nearly every thrift store we went into. The one I didn’t, however, my friend found something for her classroom.

We bought $30 worth of gourmet vegan chocolate. We tried just about all of their vegan stuff, but we split them in half. Most of it was too rich for me. My favorite was the round peppermint patty to the upper left. We re-used the cupcake box as plates.

I taught my friend how to play checkers. It was her turn when she took this, but I was planning a few moves ahead. She still beat me.

She wanted another picture after we’d arrived in Ocean City. This place doubled as a used bookstore and nautical chotchkies shop.

Shirley Temples at the bar by the pool.

We didn’t see this place on Google Maps! I bought a few things, including a lovely pair of vintage gloves(which I left in the store by accident). The haul video should be up on Youtube next week.

  • Roxy Dress, Gucci Sunglasses- Uptown Cheapskate
  • Coach Swagger Bag- Ebay
  • Gucci Scarf, Sandals- Goodwill
  • Michael Kors Bracelet- A local thrift shop
  • Strawberry Earrings- Salisbury Flea Market

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