The 30 Day Scarf Challenge



I got the idea from a Zero Waste blog called Be Zero. Only, I can’t exactly wear a dress to work… ever. But I had a scarf.

I embarked on a challenge back when this blog was simply a wee free blog. I would wear a scarf a different way each day for thirty days. The catch would be it was the same scarf each day.

It was a difficult month. And I technically failed. I missed one day because I was wearing a cosplay at an anime convention at the end of the month.

That being said, it was a learning experience. I made myself wear styles that I wasn’t comfortable with, that I didn’t think looked good on me. I also looked too sternly at the camera. Despite all the issues I had, I did find a few styles I adored. It also made me a touch attached to scarves, making me feel a bit naked without one around my neck.

I think everyone should do a challenge like this at some point. Whether or not you can do one variation of a challenge or not due to whatever logistic, perhaps you need to find your own challenge.