Picking Out The Perfect Handbag

When I was trying to figure out the best handbag for me about a year ago, I could not find a good guide to aide me. Now I know what I really like in a bag, so I decided to share with you the things I’ve learned.

First of all, some knowledge you should have no matter what style bag you get for yourself.

  • A handbag, with the contents, should never weigh more than ten pounds or 10% of your body weight, whichever is less. This is to prevent injury to your back and spine.
  • Structured bags encourage you to not overstuff them.
  • Slouchy bags tend to look lumpy or overstuffed based on what’s inside.
  • Go for a bag that’s slightly more plain than normal. It gives you more versatility, with room to jazz it up with fun details, such as scarves or pins.
  • The size of the bag is dependent on the things you need to carry. You need to look at the measurements and size up from your needs a few inches. I’ve made the mistake of not paying attention to measurements and have gotten bags much smaller than I’d needed.

You need the style to keep up with your life.

  • A Bag you carry in your hand implies that you are stylish and likely don’t need pick up and carry much else, for example a child.
  • A one shoulder strap bag implies you need to be hands free and have everything at the ready at any time.
  • A backpack is when you can’t be worried about what you’re carrying unless you’re actively in need of it. You don’t need to access this stuff as quickly or are planning to be fairly active.
  • A one shoulder bag implies a sort of casualness. Think a beach tote or farmer’s market shopping bag.
  • A fanny pack implies you just don’t care… or carry a lot… or you’re a tourist. This is probably the best option for your back if you don’t need to carry a lot.

My lifestyle, especially during the school semester, varies for me from day to day. Hency, why I settled on the Henri Bendel Jetset Convertible bag. For a long time I only used that and my school backpack.

I generally don’t carry my Bendel bag anymore unless I need to bring my planner or I’m far away from my car. In the end, I still use my Bendel bag very frequently because it suits my lifestyle. I’d love to have a few more in different colors for different seasons but they’re very pricey. I got mine at a steal for only $70 and it was stained. I paid less than $10 for the dye and the stains are gone forever, but its locked in at black and red. It’s perfect for metal shows, not so cute at the beach.

What kind of bag do you like?