Finally Getting the Hang of my Camera

improved photography skills with a cute OOTD

It’s not exactly a secret that my OOTD photos haven’t exactly been the most “in-focus”. In face, the day before I took these photos, I was considering selling my nicer camera and just sticking with the cheaper blue Canon because I was getting better shots from it.

Let’s just say I figured out how to get my whole outfit to be clear and in-focus. I’m pleased with how they turned out. I downloaded an app to tell me when the golden hour was. Obviously, that’s when there photos were taken. I was also having difficulties getting my camera to focus on me. I was looking up ways to do that, and learned about setting a bag or something in the same spot to help the camera focus. I found an easier way.

My phone is able to be a remote for my camera, meaning I can focus the shot easily using my phone as not only a remote but a preview screen! I think these photos are a great example of that working very well.I wasn’t to keen on the off the shoulder trend, but i found this blouse for fifty cents at a yard sale. The elastic makes it feel like it’s not about to slide down and expose me to the world while still allowing me a normal range of motion. I don’t know if I’ll be getting more off the shoulder tops, but I quite like this one. One thing I love about other fashion blogs is simply the detailed photos. My newly acquired camera skills is for sure helpful with that! I love these detail shots of my watch and handbag. It makes them look expensive.

Hopefully, the quality of my own photos will improve from here on out.


  • INC International Concepts Blouse- Yard Sale
  • Henri Bendel Convertible Jetsetter Backpack- Poshmark
  • Secondhand Wooden Galaxy Note 5 Case- Amazon
  • Pebble Watch- Best Buy
  • Fossil Watch Band- Ebay
  • Banana Republic Capris- Goodwill
  • Vegetarian Shoes Airseal Boots-


    • IT WAS OMG. 🙂 The elastic is shot in one sleeve, so I might sew in more(or take it out of both sleeves, I haven’t decided. It’s not stopped me from wearing it 😉 ). Regardless, I think it’s still my favorite top, hehe.
      And the camera, my goodness. I was so over it and was even googling the best/easiest ways to sell nice cameras when the thought of trying the remote feature popped into my mind! So glad I decided to try it!

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