Modeling Portfolio



Back in March, I went to a friend’s to do portfolio-type shots along with a few friends for a fashion show. One of the women in my local Lolita Fashion group was slated to be a designer for it. She had to drop out, but I decided to go ahead with it anyway because I’d always wanted to try my hand at modeling. 

We needed two full-body and two head-shots for the application. I’d forgotten to bring flats, so I borrowed my friend’s, which were a half size too small for me. Thank goodness I wasn’t trying to model for Dior or something.

These are still my favorite pants. I’ve have a touch of pudge, so once I convert that to muscle, I imagine they’ll be very comfy again.

I look a bit devilish here!

I was accepted by the other designer! Perpetually struggling with acne isn’t necessarily a hindrance.