On Thoughtfulness

Today, I got made fun of at work for my scarf. I’m not holding any sort of ill will, I wore it literally every day because I’d left my Gucci scarf at my partner’s house by accident. I tried to put my Hermès scarf at a bit of an angle, but it’d settled over the course of the day under my work smock. I fussed with it a tad during my class at around lunchtime and it simply wasn’t setting any way I liked.

This is something I’ve brought up before about looking your best. You need to put thought into your look. This morning, I did not do that and as a result I failed to look polished and chic. I fussed and fidgeted with my clothing and while you can make one garment look very different when you wear it several days in a row, if you dont get creative and go about your look haphazardly, people will notice and you may get teased.

I was about to go home and took it in stride. I realized bow I could remedy the issue and pulled out my blue scarf, as you can see above, added a necklace and let my hair down and thoroughly combed it.

Perhaps it’s time to find basic go-to styles that will always work, no matter what, to save me effort and embaressment on busy school/workday mornings.