Road Trip

I was going to post yesterday, but after my class, I was on the road for eight hours. I made it up to Seven Springs, Pennsylvania for the Mother Earth News Fair!

Monday’s post will likely be late and a trip vlog. If you’ve seen my schedule, you’d know Monday’s are my busy day with a full day of work and two classes amidst it.

I don’t take many photos when I vlog, I’ve noticed. Perhaps internally it simply feels redundant?

I took a short stop in Easton, Maryland to a little hobby shop. I bought my partner a Bearguy Kit and myself a Master Grade kit.

So how does Gundam relate to luxury? Let’s just say I plan to savor every moment of this kit. I want to sand and paint the parts. I’d love to enter a model competition, so this could be a great foray into that. You know how a car can be luxurious with it’s high-gloss paint and quality details? I want this to be such high quality after I’m done that it can be a focal point in my new home once it’s complete.

Luxury is something to be savored and appreciated, from chocolate to craftsmanship. If you’re used to simply consuming luxurious things, might I suggest creating something luxurious as well? You’ll grow to appreciate the amount of effort that goes into creating things and will likely never balk at the $500 price of a handcrafted Hermès scarf again, even if you do try to get a bargain.

It took me eight hours to complete what my GPS claimed would be a 5 hour drive. I think I’ll call my boss and request Monday off so I may sleep in and be at my healthiest for classes, along with taking my time to prepare for my evening class.