Trend Alert- You Probably Already Own These

I’m catching up on all the fashion week posts and it seems like there’s a very common set of things I keep seeing.

Red Dress


I keep seeing red everywhere! I think it’s gonna be the new trend which is now making it a necessity to get that bleeding out of my Hermes scarf.

Side View!

Newsboy caps

People are going gaga over these, at least it seems like from all the fashion bloggers. I have had the same one for seven years now, and I replaced the button on it for a pin. I’m excited to be on trend but still able to rock it for the fall.

Brentano - Zinnia - Back To Basics Collection - Spring 2012

Very loud prints

It seems like it’s either these or…

Ola by Justine Horrocks

No print at all

I’m not seeing much of anything in between.


I am pretty excited since I already own a lot of things that fit the bill on plenty of these trends. What about you? What did you find in your closet?


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