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On Posting and Time Management

Life has simply gotten in the way. I feel bad about it. I really want to deliver quality content to you.

Problem is, I haven’t had the time, coupled with the energy, to focus on creating quality content.

I’ve been wondering if maybe the internet is a larger time suck than I suspected. I’m not the first blogger to consider this, Patrick Rhone(someone I very much look up to as a role model and philosopher of the 21st Century) is one of several I’ve seen discussing this.

With that, I’m going to “borrow” yet another one of his ideas. In the mornings, at least, maybe more time depending on how it helps me, I’m going to be disengaging from the internet. Not from my computer or phone, just the internet. Maybe I’ll listen to Pop Fashion as I tidy my space, or Periphery’s instrumental album as I write.

The links I shared are all creations of people that I think are doing phenomenal work. I dislike Periphery’s vocals, however, but it seems like the dividing line for a lot of people.

I may be going to look at a camper today. If I do, I’ll be sure to report back to you!

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