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Having your Cake

People can easily get confused by fashion and style. Many people want to keep up with the “fashion Joneses” and as a result get suckered into trends and end up wasting money and looking back at old photos of themselves and cringing.

I hope I never lose sight of my path and promote trends for the sake of trendiness. Sure, I sewed a patch onto my Henri Bendel backpack because it’s the trend, but I already owned the patch; I’d bought the Meshuggah patch for my bass bag. Same goes for my Gucci post on their fashion show. I happened to be incredibly lucky and find my bag when I did for a price that I was more than happy to fork over.

What will happen with the backpack and patch once the trend is over? I will remove the stitching and sew the patch onto my fabric bass case to join the other patches. Both the Bendel and Gucci bags are of such a style where they exude more taste, in my opinion, and I can see using them for decades to come.

It’s more important to develop your taste. What suits you as an individual on a physical and personality based level. Perhaps labels mean nothing to you and a secondhand pleather handbag originally from Target that’s flaking off in parts is more your style. Perhaps the concept of owning a Porsche someday has directed your life’s path(I hope it hasn’t, but I’m not here to judge). The point is to know yourself and not lose sight of yourself in whatever decisions you make.

Just remember that you don’t need to deny yourself nice things to fit into the lifestyle you want, which since you’re reading this blog, it may mean you want to be eco-friendly. You simply need to put thought into each decision because on average, according to Google, you only will have seventy-nine years on this planet. That’s not long enough to allow yourself to do things you’ll regret. Take care of yourself and live your values. And even if you think Porsche’s are devastating to the environment, you can rent one for that road trip, or even buy used. With a little thought you can have your cake and eat it too.

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