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Luxe Minimalist Holiday Decorations



The holidays are upon us and now that I’m decently moved in, I’ve decorated for Christmas!

I grew up celebrating Christmas with my family and to be honest, the past few years I’ve dreaded the holiday. When you don’t have space to put your gifts and *ahem* certain family members insist on buying you junk you’d never consider wanting in a million years, you tend to be a touch salty.

Case in point- the emoji mug I was gifted and abandoned at my parents’ house when I moved out. I seriously never want to see that horrible thing again. I never used it and only gave it to guests who I didn’t trust with the good mugs.

Now that I have both space and the freedom to easily and immediately donate any junk gifts I don’t like, I’m actually looking forward to the holiday.

But how to decorate in a zero waste and luxe fashion?

First, I went minimalist. The idea is to not overwhelm your environment. I only did a couple of things because my new home is small compared to even most apartments.


Then, I opted to go secondhand. I’d considered buying a vintage mini artificial tree a few weeks ago when I was just starting to move, but decided against the $15 Ebay finds because I hadn’t fully settled in.

Almost miraculously, the day of my housewarming party, when things were looking spiffy, I found a secondhand mini tree with a skirt and a “new” package of vintage bulbs for a grand total of $1.25.

Then, I used things I already owned. I used my childhood stocking and a plush from when I was little. In the tree I used stuff I already owned for added ornaments and a tree topper. To polish it all off, I added burgundy ribbon I already owned.

Lastly, I turned to nature. I trimmed off a couple small branches of pine and holly, put them in a repurposed antique perfume bottle my mommom gave me and added water. The live branches give it an expensive feel, especially in comparison to artificial plants that are used everywhere. Best of all, it was free!

Hopefully this gives you all some ideas for ways to decorate. How are you decorating this year?

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