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My mom got me these little mason jar bags as part of my Christmas gifts. I’m assuming she found them at the dollar store bit they’re pretty durable(and cute!).
They’re for sure plastic and are sold(in plastic) but I think they’ll be fine for snacks that don’t need to experience radical temperature changes. I’d prefer @stasherbag but they’re quite expensive for people on a limited budget. These could be worth looking into if you NEED a handful of reusable baggies and can’t afford a bunch at ~$10 a pop.
I’m also using my old faithful @monbento for my leftover chili. So yummy! I’ve had this box for a few years now, and I’m simply lusting over the wooden box they’ve just released!#vegan #zetowaste #eco #reduce #reuse #bento #弁当 via Instagram

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