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Happy New Year!




2018 is finally upon us! After a very good 2017, I’m excited to see where this new year takes me.


I finished 2018 out by finding out that sweaters pair excellently with maxi dresses(I’m wearing a thrifted fuzzy crop top and thrifted heeled booties as well). Ya’ll have seen my good old Coach swagger bag before.

In LOVE with this look!


After the get-together I went thrifting to find some more maxi dresses. I found one that I snapped up. Much to my dismay, I was out of 25% off coupons for Goodwill! Looks like I need to switch to just thrifting on Wednesdays.

After that, I spent time with a friend and then went home. I rang in the new year watching my favorite childhood movie and armed with plans for taking the next year and hopefully making it even better than the last.

I’m going to save money, do the trash jar challenge, and try to eat better this year.

What are your goals and resolutions?

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