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Bambu Spork Review



Bamboo sporks are a pretty popular choice among the eco/zero waste community. I bought myself one wanting to to move away from my old Sistema plastic cutlery set. To start to get away from plastic. Keep that in mind.

Anyway, I even bought from a popular zero waste online shop, Tiny Yellow Bungalow. All that was on the up and up, and my package arrived in a timely manner. I’m pretty pleased with my stainless straws and all that sort of stuff but I noticed one big thing wrong with my spork.

These Certified Organically Grown sporks come packaged with plastic. I don’t know about you, but that for sure smells like greenwashing to me.

A star placed by the text by me to draw attention for you.

The text is blurry, I recycled the packaging a while ago so I can’t re-take it unless I buy another one, so please forgive me for that. Let’s just say I’m not a fan of polyester being involved here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used this spork to eat a fair number of Sofrita bowls from Chipotle, but I thought the point of buying organic products were to avoid nasty chemicals, right?

Actively lusting over the new wooden Monbento box.

This spork is beautiful, I’ll give it that. It works well and I do like the case’s aesthetic. It looks lovely and eco, but I’m worried that those new to zero waste may buy this as a replacement for their plastic reusable sets thinking they can compost it all when it’s worn out. In reality, they can compost the spork, but without the spork, what need is there for a sleeve? I’m also worried that they may try to compost the sleeve, where it will only contaminate the rest of the compost with plastic.

Something else to keep in mind, as with all wooden utensils, you must wash it off right after use. If you leave it to soak, I’ve found you’re liable to get a couple splinters. Not very tasty!

Would I buy these again? Yes, if there weren’t other low waste options. I prefer my stainless/wooden chopsticks in terms of quality, but overall, I think I’ll stick with my Monbento loyalty and just keep my eyes peeled for a secondhand set of their stainless steel utensils.

4 thoughts on “Bambu Spork Review

  1. Interesting read. Tiny and aesthetically appeasing as the bamboo Spork is, I’d probably go for a second hand set of cutlery too. Makes more sense to buy a used item than a brand new one, in zero waste terms. Recently stocked up on some kitchen ware from a charity store. It’s a win-win 🙂

    1. Agreed! It wouldn’t be such a hit punch if if it was actually zero waste but there’s still plastic involved in the product. I’m obviously going to use the spork until it’s no longer usable, but STILL. 😧

  2. I’ve noticed the same thing with packaging for a few ‘eco-friendly’ products. It defeats the zero-waste purpose! I am continuously hunting for fully eco-friendly products!

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