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Thrifted Flatlay 001

One of my favorite things to do is go thrifting. I don’t really buy anything I dont need and this week I ended up getting two freebies!

So can you guess which two were the freebies?

Vogue Coat Hanger: $2.50

Wilson’s Leather Jacket: FREE

Ipod Touch with charger: FREE

I know, this happened yesterday morning and I’m still baffled. The Civic Center near my home had a huge yard sale and as my sister and I made the rounds I saw the hook(there were actually two, the pair was $5 but I gave the other one to my boyfriend’s mom). The woman running the booth told me everything on another table of theirs was free. I had to ask numerous times if they were SURE they wanted to just give them away. They said they didn’t want to pack them up, so I was more than happy to whisk them away.

I didn’t even try the coat on until my sister and I were walking out of the civic center, back to my car. It fit perfectly. When I got back to my boyfriend’s I saw it matches the one he bought for himseld on Black Friday and I’m cracking up. We can go twinning! Just how cute is that?

7 thoughts on “Thrifted Flatlay 001

    1. And a free Winston leathers jacket too! I have to wait until the college semester starts up before I can put music on the iPod tho. I refuse to install iTunes and there’s apparently a way to sideload music onto it, you do need to sync it with iTunes at some point tho to change the setting. I fully intend to use one of the Macs at my university. 😂

        1. Darn tootin it was! And it matches my boyfriend’s jacket that he got just two months ago! #dying 😍

    1. Haha for sure! And the stripe is what makes it match. His is a little different but it’s got the same basic essence, so itbwont be straight up twinning but it’s uncomfortably close, lol.

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