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Keeping It Natural Cake Mascara Review

I ordered this mascara some time ago, so the shop may have changed it’s practices or formula. That in mind, I think this is an OK mascara. Yesterday one of my coworkers was confused for a bit until he realized it was mascara because I’d done a subtle winged eyeliner with it. Why he was so concerned about my lashes, I have no idea but I suppose that’s a good sign that it falls in line with the brands name. It looks natural, it just more enhances the look.

This mascara comes with or without spoolie and is only mailed zero waste if you ask. I ordered without mentioning it to see what would happen.

The mascara came in a bubble mailer. This was a year or so ago, mind you, so they could have changed their practices.

It also came with a tiny packet of blush powder. It was in a tiny plastic bag. I don’t use blush, so this sample ended up just being waste. I may have held onto it with plans to press it into an eye-shadow.

The spoolie feels cheap. You’re probably better off cutting off the brush from an old tube of your favorite mascara and using that, and you can request no spoolie.

It’s tricky to apply. The hardest part is getting the brush wet “just so” to make the cake damp enough to put a lot of mascara on it. If you use too much water, you’re basically getting your eyelashes wet with dirty water and doing nothing.
It DOES build. This mascara takes a moment to dry, however, but if you alternate eyes between coats at the right moisture level, you’re gravy.
It makes a GREAT eyeliner. I use an E.L.F. liquid eyeliner brush, and the liquid to mascara ratio isn’t so precise for that.
It’s not smudge proof or water resistant. If you’re going to go to the beach or the pool, wait until after to put this on. Also, if you’re a chronic eye rubber like myself, exercise caution because it will smudge!

Because it isn’t water proof or smudge proof, this stuff is a breeze to remove at night.

I don’t like it as much as my Tarte mascara, but I’d consider it for an eyeliner exclusively. That said, it’d also make for a great travel multipurpose item- and it wouldn’t have to go in the liquids bag!

Tarte Mascara
KeepingItNatural Mascara

The shop seems to be doing well vecause the owner is on a very brief hiatus to fulfill orders. I don’t think this is their day job, but rather a side hustle. I absolutely love it when people start their own business on the side and grow it. It’s a beautiful way to shop small, even if you’re unable to #shoplocal.

Keeping It Natural Mascara Etsy Listing

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7 thoughts on “Keeping It Natural Cake Mascara Review

    1. It’s an interesting one! I’ll finish it but I’m not sure I’ll buy it again. 🤔

    1. I’m glad it was helpful! It’s an OK mascara, and it’s not something I think I’d personally buy again, but I know different people are looking for different things in their mascara, hence why I went with the facts and my experience and left a yay or nay out of it.

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