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Thrifted Flatlay- Vintage Style

While only the necklaces are vintage,I’m pleased with my finds.

I hit up two Goodwills, the one in Salisbury and one in Bridgeville. A word warning: the Delaware location I visited today, I tried three of the four dressing rooms. NONE of the locks worked. If you go and intend to try on tops or dresses and have breasts, wear a bra if you’re terrified of people walking in on you(anyone else have a huge fear of people trying to open the bathroom stall when you’re in a public bathroom? 😨).

I spent a grand total of 23 dollars today, and I’m ecstatic. I have a hard time finding vintage jewelry that matches my aesthetic, but I found a matching necklace/earrings set for very cheap. Like, Aeropostale jewelry prices, only it’s well made and vintage. Perfect for my Lolita Fashion coords. I can’t wait until the next meet-up now.

And I’m LIVING for these pants. They’re, funnily enough, Aeropostale jeans but they look older and very well made. I tried them on and they fit perfectly. Well worth four bucks. I’m going to do laundry asap and hang it to dry by my heater so maybe I can wear them to work tomorrow.

The Lily Pulitzer skirt is much cuter on than when laying flat. I will note that it still has the tags and I’m considering reselling it if someone is interested.

I’ve never seen anything Sex and the City related but my boyfriend’s mom loves it. I’ll give it a watch, at $2, it’s cheaper than even getting it digitally. If I don’t like it, I can pass it along to her.

The guy behind me in line at Goodwill was looking at records when I went to peer at the DVDs. I didnt even bother with the CDs. The best thing I’ve ever found there was a Dream Theater album. They’re a stellar band, but the pickings for the stuff I like is very few and far between. Anyway, I turned around and asked him if he found anything good since the line was taking forever. #smalltalk

The lucky guy found a MASTODON album! Note to self- pick through all the Country, Christian, and 90’s pop next time. Maybe I’ll get a really cool deathcore album.

And I’m boring all of you with my metal musings, so I’m going to sign off for the day. See you next time!

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