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The Storage/Guest Room

I’m doing a room makeover collab with Crystal of One Millennial Girl!

The idea is we each take one portion of our homes to makeover. While the room she tasked me with redecorating is small and multi-functional, I used the galley of my camper/home. She’s way more skilled with Polyvore than I am, so I’m sure she’ll do an awesome job!

She sent me photos of the three main sides of the room and I went to town. I wanted to preserve most of the things that were already there. The dresser is an older wooden one, not unlike a dresser my parents used to own. Updating it with some paint is an affordable way to brighten and modernize it.

The chair that was under the window has to go. I kept the blinds the same because white lets in lots of natural light but keeps peepers from peering in. I picked a nice storage bench to put all the shoes from under the dresser into while multitasking as a good place to read by the warmth and light of the sun. It’s also a good up, and out of the way place for guests to put their suitcase. Could you imagine a dark blue suitcase? I just love it!

The bed is on the ground in her photos, but I couldn’t find any as placeholders that matched the new comforter! I found a hanging one that works and looks chic, but the hanging part isn’t terribly necessary. There was art on the wall, but I think it’s probably better placed on the same wall as the door or above the TV. Hanging hats over the bed are way better. If there’s an earthquake in the night, it’s better to have soft hats fall on you than a glass covered picture frame. Not to mention it’s chic and bright!

That being said, under the bed is what is most important. On a chilly morning I never want my feet to touch cold hardwood. Nope, no thank you! The gray rug goes well with the lighter colors and doesn’t stand out too much, but makes a nice transition from the rich and dark hardwood floor.

Along the last wall I switched out the small black nightstand with a taller multipurpose surface. Books can be organized on top and the bins can be used for organization and storage. I also put a curtain over the window. There wasn’t one previously and anyone changing out of their jammies might not be a fan of that. Simply blue ones match the scheme.

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