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Thrifted Flatlay: Accessorizing

Saturday I went to the Flea Market and scored a ton of gorgeous jewelry with a couple of friends. This was my share.

I lucked upon a pair of vintage earrings that turned out to be the most comfortable earrings I own, and I’ve been wearing them daily since buying and sterilizing them(I put them in a cup and soaked them overnight in rubbing alcohol). Funny thing is, I’m terrified of heavy dangling earrings because I don’t want lobe sagging! I personally find it pretty gross looking. I wonder if there’s a recommended weight to prevent stretching of earring holes. πŸ€”

I also scored three broaches, a heart, leaf, and snowflake. I’m set for most of the seasons now!

Because I bought a good chunk of jewelry from her, she gave me a small jewelry bag! It’s a nice size, a bit larger than my chopsticks bag, but perfect for overnight trips so I can sleep without my jewelry on and not worry about losing or forgetting it.

I’m hoping to return again Saturday morning because she said she has lots more jewelry to sell but didnt bring it with her and I want to dig through it all!

I also scored a lovely choker and a pendant from another vendor but I can’t find the tiny pendant anywhere and I fear it’s fallen out and gotten lost. The choker is far too big for my neck so I’ll either resize it or resell it.

4 thoughts on “Thrifted Flatlay: Accessorizing

  1. Sifting through old costume jewelry is the best; congrats on scoring some choice pieces, especially the soon-to-be-reincarnated black choker. And yeah, lobe sagging is gross.

    1. Thanks! And the choker is so big, I think I may just try to resell it. The lace, while high quality, is very thick. Since my neck is apparently very narrow it’s not the most flattering on me. Oh well, such is life, haha. πŸ˜…
      Have you seen the infomercial for those plates that go on the backs of earrings to stop lobe sagging? I’m low key hoping someone gets me a set to try for my birthday- it addresses that concern, after all! 🀣

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