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Magnetic Lashes Review

I decided to give magnetic lashes a try to test the water and see if they’d be a good low-waste alternative to mascara.

After looking at different sets and comparing the ratings to the price tags, I settled on a magnetic lash set by AOFU on Amazon.

I don’t know if they will ship zero waste, but I didn’t ask just to see how it’d ship by default. I was dissapointed to see it arrive in a bubble mailer. If you decide you want a set, I’m sure you can request eco packaging; the company seems pretty responsive to questions.

They arrived in a reusable magnetic compact. Score! I’ve bought false lashes in the past but the plastic trays for suposedly reusable lashes turned me off because they never traveled well. I wish the compact contained a mirror for checking my lashes since I don’t usually carry one.

Also, sadly, they don’t hold their place on the case perfectly, so the presentation when you receive them isn’t amazing. If you buy these as a gift, however, the entire package is resealable, including the little plastic bag inside the box that covers the compact. You can adjust for presentation that way and i think a lot of jostling needs to happen before they budge. I kept them in my bag for a few days and they never noticably moved. The initial shifting could have simply been the magnets reacting to the shipping company’s equipment, however.

It took me about an hour to get the hang of them. I should have wrote down my technique immediately. I’ve since forgotten but it wasn’t by following the instructions! I’ll make another post when I figure it out again.

I wore them for the evening(about 6:30 to 10:30) and fiddled with them a little bit here and there, just to check them. I will note that I wore mascara that day. They stayed put until I rubbed my eye(chronic eye rubber!). If you’re not a dirty face toucher like myself, I have no doubt that they’ll last all day with a few checkups to ensure they haven’t slid any.

The following day I put them on my naked lashes and I was unimpressed. This set had two magnets on each lash, which I felt would allow for better accuracy with putting them on. Regrettably, I think three magnets would have been better, preventing that center of the lash from sliding forward while the ends held tight.

How could it be a better product? If the lash shape was stiffer. If it was already curved and permanantly so for my lash, I feel like they would have gone on much more easily to begin with and defeated the learning curve.

ASK HOW LONG EACH SIZE IS. And actually measure how long your eyelash lines are. You may want to trim the ends of the false lashes(not the overall length), but I ordered a small, which were slightly too short for my whole eye, defeating the purpose of skipping mascara.

You’ll also need mascara on your lower lashes because these are so thick they make my bottom lash line look BALD.

So my verdict is that these are great if you regularly wear mascara and false lashes. I do not, but since they’ve been around my eye area I’ll hang onto them for when I wear Lolita Fashion.

If you’re trying to find a mascara alternative, this isn’t for you on account of them just sliding off with barely any effort. And by effort, I mean blinking.

2 thoughts on “Magnetic Lashes Review

    1. Glad it helped!
      If there’s anything you’re thinking about getting, hmu, I love trying new things and reviewing them. Heck, I may already have it and just not thought to write a review yet. 😛
      I don’t want people to get ripped off or buy something they’re thinking will align with their values and it end up not actually being so.

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