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Valentine’s Day Style OOTD

I had the idea for this outfit earlier this week. Then, it started raining today… the only day I could rock the outfit before the post- I have to wear pants to work for safety reasons, so I literally get two days of the week to be pants freeeeeeee. πŸ˜… So, sadly, there was never a chance of me getting to wear this on a Valentine’s date with my partner(not that we ever earnestly celebrate the holiday, anyway).

Anyway, I was planning on posting the outfit and then my boots got muddy and instead of a more sweet look outside by a brick wall, my face conveys more the expression of someone about to be murdered in a horror movie, soooo there’s that.

I’m in love with this skirt. And the crop top sweater is so cozy. I’d wear it every day in the winter if it wouldn’t get smelly as a result! Both are thrifted.

I feel very Game Of Thrones with my hair in this half up style, but the bit on my neck bothers me. It’s the worst of both worlds, the pulling on the scalp of a bun and the annoyance of hair on my neck with it down. What to do, what to do. 😧

Please don’t judge the unicorn socks. I bought them years ago in a pinch. They’re still holding up, and I’m holding out on buying more socks until they have holes in them. πŸ˜…

In all honesty, on Febuary 14th I’ll likely end up wearing jeans, long sleeved top, scarf, and hair in a bun. πŸ˜… Not terribly inventive at this point.

What are you planning to wear for Valentine’s day?

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