Thrift Shop Review: The Opportunity Shop

I have to say, as much as I love thrifting, and as cute of things I found in this shop, I did not enjoy shopping here, but apparently downtown thrift shops are a place where either the clientele or the staff(more on that in another post) seem to be rude.

I haven’t frequented The Opportunity Shop and they had a long line out the door waiting for them to open but when I checked out with my tiny jars and bracelet, a man asked to see my digital camera(Um, what? That’s clearly on my persons) and another woman was up so close behind me in such a hurry to check out that it took longer for me to squeeze out than it would have been for her to maintain a couple of inches while she waited(it wasn’t even that crowded!). The staff was gracious enough, however.

There was mostly feminine clothing and shoes for sale, but unlike most thrift shops this one had more men(compared to other shops, not compared to women) shopping there.

Their hours are a bit longer than most of the smaller thrift shops, which is nice to see, even if I can’t make the Thursday hours.

The jewelry was also fairly overpriced for a church thrift shop, it seemed. I was eyeing a couple of rings on the bottom shelf that were pretty but $17. My guess is the rent for the thrift shop, coupled with the limited hours, makes the cost of things skyrocket.

It was a very clean shop, however, and not in any state of disrepair. No foul odors, and perhaps all that goes into the prices as well, but they also weren’t stuffed to the brim with things to rummage through. A lackluster selection, overall.

Everything was well organized and they had a large assortment of board games.

Rating:  7/10

Points Detracted:

  • Staff/Clientele Attitude: -1
  • Pricing: -1
  • Range of Goods: -1

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