I went to Zenkaikon this past weekend and had a blast.

While it wasn’t a waste free trip by any means, I focused on what I felt was more important at the time, spending time with my partner and friends. We oggled at many of the amazing cosplays(costumes) and I am lamenting that I couldn’t get a photo with the Nito cosplayer.

Some cosplayers went all out. They saw through tiny eyeholes in their mask.

Gotta vogue.

Only Popuko or Pipimi(who I’m cosplaying as) could block the blade of the real black swordsman with their arms alone.

I pimped out my backpack. in the process. The bag is much more purple in real life but for some reason it wasn’t showing through.

This year I bought more brand new, non-utilitarian merch than I’ve bought in a long time. I’m estimating about six ounces.

That means at least seven times* that, two and a half pounds, of garbage was created to make and bring these trinkets to me.

My ecological footprint was one of the two major reasons why I decided to opt for hunting for keychains over full-sized figures.

The other reason is literally the amount of space I have in my home. It’s easier to install a hand towel rod above a window to display these as opposed finding spaces to add more extravagant shelving in a travel trailer. For now I’m enjoying looking like an obnoxious tween with my light up backpack and cute charms and pins all over.






* source: http://blog.umd.edu/scholarstalkstrash/