I get compliments on this dress every time I wear it!

The thing that cracks me up it that this “Hipknoties” convertible garment(I hate the brand name so much, ugh) is literally a massive tube of fabric with clear elastic bands. If you wanted to try the shorter looks you could seriously just thrift an infinity scarf and use hair tie(the origin story of this brand- I’m not joking).

I had a party to attend! So I took my “made in America” dress and Mohops and paired them with vintage and thrifted accessories like my Gucci bad, Michael Kors bracelet, Avon earring and mystery origin belt, rings, necklace, etc.

I wore my corset underneath for that svelte look I love. My stomach has been a source of stress for me since I was a teen and hated even having a “food baby.”

Because I can never be 100% serious.