August Empties

Pop Fashion podcast recently did a story about how some bloggers and such are buying empties from eBay and such to post as their empties and all I’ve gotta say is 🤦‍♀️

It took me forever to use these up! I’m moving to a zero waste makeup and skin care routine but I must admit, I accepted a couple of barely used secondhand blushes, mascara, lipstick, and a bottle of perfume from a friend. She had an overstock of makeup, much of it given to get as well.

I’d rather use it up and keep at least the product from going in the trash, even if the container isn’t recyclable. That said, compacts, once empty, can be used for a myriad of things!

Would I buy any of these products again? Nope!

I recently learned about a new zero waste vegan floss so after I’ve finished with my next roll, I’ll be switching to that.

Hand sanitizer? I’ve learned how to make my own and can use an easily refillable spray bottle instead of a hard to open gel bottle.

The lip crayon? I like to change up the color but I am working on a very similar liquid lipstick and then have two or three other sticks in my cupboard waiting to be used- which I can transplant into my go-to makeup case. After that I’ll try my hand at DIY.

The masque? It made my face itchy AF. I also didn’t notice any difference after using it, not even softness.

The anti aging cream made my skin break out. Plain Aloe Vera does not.