Lifestyle Lolita Weekly Week 1- Wardrobe Goals

The first “challenge” was from Lace A La Mode. They cancelled the challenge and posted the list-which I’ve decided to make one of my resources!

I must “set a goal for my wardrobe.” To do that, I must first go through my wardrobe.

I came to the conclusion that I don’t need more skirts or dresses. I do have a small wishlist that would be nice.

5 non-transclucent short-sleeves blouses
5 non-translucent long-sleeved blouses

2 pairs bloomers
More socks, preferrably OTKs.
another pair of more versatle loliable shoes
Hoop skirt

These aren’t my dream dresses or anything like that, these are staples that are good for day-to-day life when I’m dressed casually and on the weekends when jeans are no longer mandatory.

Something I’ve noticed is the difficulty in finding loliable when thrifting that isn’t sheer. That’s fine with jumperskirts because they cover my chest but with basic skirts or simply wanting the extra warmth in the winter- it becomes a frustrating experience.

Will I make my blouses? It’s looking more and more likely. With many lolita fashion brands moving where their clothes are manufactured I’m feeling less assured of worker’s rights. The brands that manufacture exclusively in Japan, where lolita fashion originated, seem to be gothic lolita brands exclusively. I love EGL, don’t get me wrong, but cream and pastels are more my speed.