Lifestyle Lolita Weekly Week 2- 90’s Nostalgia

This week, I made my own challenge for the Lifestyle Lolita!

This time, I busted out one of my old tamagotchi.

I hatched him Monday, named the little guy Kuro, and today he evolved into a Hanatchi.

From the tamagotchi wiki

I’m a little bummed, I tried really hard to take perfect care in order to get Mimitchi. That said, the little critter is still cute.

So fellow sweet lolita fashion fans, go ahead and pull out and feel some nostalgia over a toy you had when you were a kid. If you prefer classic lolita fashion, perhaps an old book would suffice. If you love gothic lolita fashion might I reccomend checking out a movie you loved as a kid and ties into your love of the fashion?