Three Years to an Eco Life Week 5- Meal Prepping

This week I did something I hadn’t done for a while. I meal prepped!

I used to do this all the time, so much so that I even had a blog called “the bento buff.” It was a lot of fun and I even had a bento appear on TV once!

I fell out of it from a combination of laziness and not enjoying cooking. If I ever read a cookbook they will be very lazy and easy recipes. I enjoyed the final result but the cooking was a drag, not to mention cleanup.

Then, last week it hit me as I opened the cupboard I kept my blender and massive 3 tiered bento in to get a new bottle of olive oil. I didn’t have to meal prep and fill my fridge with the doomed perspective of pre made/homemade meals every day. And I don’t have to scrounge for containers to have them at the ready. I can make it all so much easier.

In fact, I did this last thanksgiving to bring my vegan food over to my boyfriend’s parent’s house. It took less fridge space and was easy to transport.

And so, I prepared a weeks worth of lunches on Sunday. I used the plethora of tofu I have to make scrambled tofu, I used frozen green beans seasoned with adobo, and I used leftover rice because I didn’t want it to go to waste and it was in the fridge.

Each morning so far, I’ve used my wooden bento box or my big ceramic jar to bring my lunch to work. It was perfectly good Monday and Tuesday but as of today I’m a bit bored with the tofu dish. I wonder how I can jazz it up.

While I am pleased with the ease of the meal prepping, I’ve learned about the pace I get weary of flavors. It’ll need some tweaking over time, but I imagine I can maintain this sort of easy meal prep over the long term.