Lifestyle Lolita Weekly Week 5- Potluck

I didn’t check to see if this was in the lists of lifestyle lolita ideas, but I went and did it anyway.

I went to a potluck in DC with my friend Polaire. I didn’t expect to see one of my lolita pals there until the morning of, so I guess it was a pseudo-meetup?

TFW when you’re running late, your wig doesn’t wanna go on straight, and you haven’t even picked out your accessories yet!

Casie(@lavendarbats) and I doing the customary lolita selfie. I should dig out the last one we took together!

It was a somewhat eco affair. Polaire and I brought our own silverware and such and we were sure to not leave any trash. I brought fancy vegan meatballs and peach cider.

Polaire, Casie, and I.

Full, complete coord. I picked the boots because I didn’t have a lick of black or brown in my coord to match with them. Burgundy seemed a better match and more comfy. I still got blisters tho. 😣