Innocent World Style DIY Cameo

A while ago, on Rufflechat, a thread came up asking people what they thought of this and if they’d consider buying it.

It is an ideal lolita piece. Made from vintage materials, yes! Sign me right up! But the brakes skidded when I saw the price tag.

And so I decided to make my own. For those of you interested in the original peice and how much it cost in USD, here ya go.

Meanwhile, I’d recently thrifted a fifty cent cameo necklace- it’s low quality and not the cutest in my hoarde, so I was happy to do this with. The thread was from Hancock Fabrics, the ribbon from the Dollar Tree, and the safety pin was from a plastic free pack I bought for a convention(emergency repair prep). I literally had everything I needed on hand.

You can do this with “expensive” lace($3 a spool), a nicer cameo from an antique shop ($25), and a proper pin and hair clip back(idk, like, $2?) And still total up to less than a quarter of their asking price! 😱

And how long did it take me to cut the 5 pieces of ribbon(each folded in half and sewn in their respective spots), sew the pin to the pendant(through the necklace loop) and, almost forgot this, the dab of superglue behind the cameo(to keep it from swinging but it’s not necessary)? Ten to fifteen minutes, TOPS.

What do you think? Will you try making one?

IW also took the page down by the time I decided to write this. They either decided to drop the idea or sold out.

Honestly, I think you all should just try your hand at making your own! I might record me doing it with another one for YouTube.