The Jars

I lost track of the weeks for the Eco-Shift and the Lolita Lifestyle challenges. I also made a huge error with the Lifestyle Lolita challenge and I need to go back and fix it.

As a fun aside, every Sunday I’m pulling one from each the jars as I blog about how the last week went. This week I got the #45 on Vanilla Bear‘s list.

Work on your posture. It’s good for your health and will help you look and feel more confident in your frills.

My spine will be so happy- I’m totally gonna cheat a bit and use my corset to help. For the Eco-shift I get to ditch plastic bottles. Easy.

I noticed my error on the challenge when I was on the EGL Livejournal page. Apparently the OP doesn’t want anyone to redistribute anything from the list, and when I was googling, even paraphrasing and citing can throw me in some dicey legal waters. In the comments she was sharing that it was OK to link to the list, so I’ll do that when I pull those and note which number I’m working on. I’ll need to go back and edit my prior posts as well. Some lists also have duplicates, so those will be the ones I cite if I get one that has the same challenge on it. I decided to get a bit more thorough about itand also sent messages to the creators of the other lists to see if it would be ok to share the tasks/challenges as I go through them(and as you know, I cite the lists I pull from), so fingers crossed. I’ll leave the posts with those up until I hear something otherwise from them since I couldn’t find anything noting I couldn’t and one specifically suggests using a hashtag to share the things they’re doing for the challenge. If they say no, I’ll have to do the same sort of blackout as the LJ list as well. 🙁

And for the livejournal one, someone asked a couple of years ago the same exact question I raised to the other bloggers, but the author never answered(it was also the last comment asked on it) so I don’t know their stance. It’s a major bummer because I think it’s an excellent list and I wouldn’t be tumblr-style reposting the whole thing without permission, but you gotta work with what you have.

If you’re wondering about the Eco List, that’s all me. I wrote it when I was offline for a while, so no outside influence, except where others inspired me. It’s an incomplete list at the moment, so I don’t have it posted online at the moment, but I imagine I’ll share it later.