Review of 30 Days to Zero Waste

30 days to Zero Waste had a ton of solid advice on adopting a sustainable lifestyle, but I felt some of the advice was misguided and mistargeted.

Not everyone who wants to become zero waste wants to become a minimalist- the author was simply lucky that I was going through a massive stage of decluttering because of Marie Kondo’s books. Perhaps this would have been more appropriately named 30 days to Zero Waste and Minimalism.
The layout of the chapters/days also felt rather frustrating. As I listen to the book I was having trouble discerning different levels of tasks from suggestions within the different advancement levels and background information leading up to the challenges.
One of the things that really cracked me up about this book was the day that focused on embracing minimalism. The friction of listening to a ten minute chapter each day and trying to keep an ear out of when to stop it for the next day was already well established in my psyche, making me that much more frustrated about there not being a Kindle version. My Kindle is my preferred format for physically reading (with my eyes, not my ears) and is extra handy for guidebooks(like 30DTZW). The objective to become minimalist literally suggests using an ereader but doesn’t make this exact book available on a very popular ereader platform, which feels almost like hypocrisy.
I did like the day that it suggested I join a community, as I already use the Amino app. I simply added a zero-waste community to my acciunt. As I’ve been studying the topic and attempting to go zero waste for years, I was able to give pointers to plenty of the newbies which makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. But then again, I also feel a bit like a fraud as I am not yet perfect at zero-waste, and I don’t feel like I should necessarily be giving advice.
The book was still full of useful information, but I would not recommend the audio version as it feels messy if you try to do the challenges day by day. I can’t speak to the physical copy and there’s no Kindle version to check out, but if you really want to become both zero waste and minimalist simultaneously you might have a better experience with the print book.