Avoiding Trash

Monday was Earth Overshoot Day. If you haven’t heard of it before, Earth Overshoot Day is the day of the year that humans consume as many resources as the world can produce in a year. This year it was 5 months and two days before the end of the year. We need nearly two earths to support humanity’s consumption of everything.

So what’s a member of humanity to do? When I saw that it was Earth Overshoot I decided to pull out the old trash jar. Tuesday, I took a quiz to analyze my environmental footprint.


I was a little shocked, but I also guesstimated my car mileage and secondary expenses for the most part, which are the largest portion of my production. That means, aside from keeping my camper warm in the winter(when I use the most resources) I have the opportunity to significantly reduce my footprint.


I’m trying to work through all my makeup and other personal care products before resupplying with zero waste options. As much of my stuff was hidden by the lip of the shelf, I repurposed a chipped teacup to be a semi-permanent part of my cabinet and to help make more things visible. After I use everything up, which will take a while, I plan to use the teacup to re-pot a succulent from my flower vase to give to a friend with a succulent garden.


I also opted to wear secondhand clothes and jewelry(what’s new?). What’s visible in this coordinate is an Innocent World JSK, Alice and the Pirates bonnet, thrifted blouse, and two thrifted poision rings(one from Ebay, the other Granny’s Attic in Magnolia DE. The bracelets are from local thrift shops.


Also, I saw something Tuesday that made me clutch my pearls. A one time use disposable phone charger. How utterly ridiculous. Why not buy a reusable backup charger, they often come pre-charged, and then you have it for next time. I’d be embarrassed to be seen using one of these! You can write or tweet at Hot Topic and ask them why they’re stocking such a preposterous item.