Success and Celebration

This week I had another large loss, and it bumped me up to 5 pounds shredded total! My doctor would be proud as she was the on who told me I was starting to teeter toward the overweight side of a healthy bmi(if I gained any more than I had).

I’m feeling 123 pounds. It’s right in the midde for my height, and right at around the 25 pound lost mark. That seems easily managable.

One of my clutch five who is also trying to shed fat had a gain this week, however. I tried to gently remind her that its her birthdy week, but because her frustration with her own weight is much more ingrained than my own(she’s older), the other friend that we have in our small group trying to shed and I agreed that I oughtnt share it with our group text out of consideration. That’s also why I won’t share their names in relation to this until we reach our goals and I get their permissions. 😊

Also, the friend that agreed with me to not share and I went to trivia night with a group of other friends. I didn’t have a great handle on most of the material but the final question was about recycling. I had a hunch about the answer an voiced it strongy, another person person who wasn’t initially listening to my hunch had the same huch so we rolled with it and WE GOT IT. I was so proud of myself, that question was my time to shine(it was the order of which countries recycle the most). One person in ou group was really pushing for Sweden for the top but I nearly came to blows over the fact that burning trash for electricity is NOT a form of recycling. 😂

Also, this semester is being a bit of a time suck. I don’t know when I’ll upload more youtube videos, but I can guarantee some wi’ll come in at least December when the semester ends.