Unsubscribing from Emails and Food

The first no spend day was weird. The temptation to go out to lunch presented itself. Then, for dinner, my partner went out to bring home a pizza. Meanwhile, I ate frozen vegan tenders I had at his place, along with minute rice and a small can of green beans.

I woke up late to go to WW this morning. Therefore, I didn’t even have a sip of water before I left. My mouth and throat were screaming at me until I got home to get a glass of water, rather than buying a drink on the way home.

I unsubscribed from about 11 company newsletters. It’s obnoxious to get those updates because they tempt me. I also deleted all of my saves searches on Lacemarket. That means about 20 fewer updates, on top of those other ones.

My partner is also buying himself Chinese takeout tonight, and I feel left out. I foresee this year feeling very lonely with the amount of eating out I’m cutting back from. Food is already more social than I realized. I’m willing to bet it’ll be even easier to shed this last 15 pounds by preparing my own food.