Yesterday was my birthday.

I’ve not been enjoying my birthday these past few years as I’ve had classes, and if I have classes, what’s the point in even bothering taking off work?

As this is my last semester, I’m glad to know I won’t have any birthdays where at least after work isn’t free.

I really wanted to go to Starbucks for something yummy to read and celebrate but I didn’t quality for the free birthday drink as I’ve had the app uninstalled for well over a year.

I got home from classes at around 10pm .

Sat on the couch and dressed up my Obitsu doll, Angela, in some clothes that finally arrived. I think that’s the last of everything I ordered in October.

So unless it’s a necessity or a gift, it’s the last of the incoming packages for a year.

Kind of a bummer, but I signed up for this.

But, look at this cutie.

I need to make a blouse, petticoat, wristcuffs, etc. Not sure what I can do about the shoes but 🤷‍♀️.

Angela brought me the most joy on my birthday, despite my already having her. I won’t deny it, it was nice having a couple of things to open and “play” with for a bit.

I also took a Pandora petite charm from my shaker ring and some chain from my broken jewelry box to make her a “matching” necklace. After this year is up I intend to make it match better.

I can never seem to get a good shot of my pendant, I really ought to use a tripod for every shot.

After an hour of photo taking(with the nice camera, they all need edits, however), I made a pitiful attempt at cleaning. Then, I went to bed feeling bad about myself for not being tidy enough, again. I really think something is wrong with me. Normal people get home and started tidying/decluttering/cleaning and saved the packages for after. Who am I kidding, normal people don’t have to tidy first.