Tea with Friends

Sunday, I went to tea with friends. I think the place was called Renoyld’s Tavern.

20191117_163220 (1)1420140719..jpg

I decided to be a “brandwhore” this day. The blouse and JSK are both Baby the Stars Shine Bright. The bag is Angelic Pretty. The shoes are Cotton Candy Feet. All secondhand. The socks are Bodyline, albeit that’s not considered “brand”.

dsc00997 (1)462452600..jpg
Blurry pic, next time I’ll use a tripod 😅

On the drive I tatted the choker part for my sister’s birthday present. She doesn’t check my blog, as far as I know, and we’re still feuding, so if she spoils her own present, I honestly don’t really mind.

I finally unboxed this vintage shuttle I had in my cabinet. I also passed along another vintage shuttle to a new tatter. I hope she gets a lot of use out of it.

thriftedluxepic (1)773590984..jpg

My friend treated me, so I didn’t have to spend money, and I made sure to double check the fancy teas were indeed bottomless before I ordered a second pot. We all drank our weight in tea and I want to recreate a the first tea I drank. It was a mix of cherry blossom tea, green tea, and rose tea. I had a feeling I’d like it because I adore green tea and rose tea. Let’s just say this tea was greater than the sum of its parts.

20191117_154718 (1)2040252310..jpgIt’s a really nice feeling to know a friend wants you to join in enough to pay your way when you can’t spend money for one reason or another. I don’t intend to make this a habit, however, but as I’m the person who usually does this for others, it was really nice to experience this sort of gift I love to do for others from their perspective. I had a lovely time.