Happy Winter International Lolita Day

Today is International Lolita Day, which is a twice a year holiday for lolitas. They’re in the winter and the summer to encourage a variation of seasons in the photos shared to the community.

Bad posture, here we are! Also, shirt garters are your friend!

I wore a very flat petticoat today because I had some stuff to do and didn’t want much of any floof. Cleaning and working on a final paper in a toasty camper don’t lend themselves well toward interacting with a ton of poof and layers. Seriously, I had the heat off for about 80% of the day and I was sweating.

In a normal sized house, I suppose lots of fluff would be okay, but having to worry about petti going through my more narrow doorways a lot lends and potentially rubbing on surfaces as I clean, I wore just enough petticoat to qualify this as lolita and not a single ruffle more.

I took all these off immediately after taking photos. I also need to paint my nails.

I’m also starting the FlyLady system. It seems very outdated and old internet(we lolitas still recommend old LiveJournal guides to newbies, so we have no room to judge) but I’m finding it fun to build my command journal.

I didn’t get as much of the paper done as I’d have liked. That said, I’m still a quarter done with it. I was aiming for just shy of half today, but as I didn’t feel well for most of the day, I’m happy with my accomplishment.

Winter ILD Coord breakdown:

  • Blouse: Vintage
  • Skirt: Baby the Stars Shine Bright (Lovely Sweet Room)
  • Tights: Walmart (the plain $6 tights are awesome for casual days!)
  • Shoes: Cotton Candy Feet
  • Pearl Bracelet: Khols(thrifted for $3 so when I found them for $33 each in Khols, I was shook)
  • Cat Tea Bracelet: TxarraOtsoaOriginals (I wish they had a simpler name, but their stuff is awesome)
  • Ring: Pandora (I want to get custom resin inserts in all sorts of colors to always match what I’m wearing)