New Year, Tidy Home, Injury, & Dolls!

So I’m restarting my no spend year, but with one tiny adjustment to make it much easier for myself. 50$ a month to spend on fun things, specifically my ball jointed dolls.

But I met my goal of getting my home decluttered and tidy by New Year’s! My home is finally tidy so yesterday I able to engross myself in doll clothing alterations, tattibg a diorama piece, and doing on my first faceup! It’s not much but it’s better than chipping and peeling paint.

Top is an altered American girl corset over an upcycled scrap silk dress with vintage lace and reused ribbon.
Tatting shuttle is made from a bead, thread, and washi tape- decorative only! Hankie is made from vintage size 80 tatting lace and an upcycled screen cleaning cloth trimmed to size.
Make your own if you like!

I invited my partner, one of the tidiest people I know, to essentially inspect my home and tell me where I could improve my tidying. I was not ready for that considering all the effort I poured into the undertaking. It was mostly little things but my brain was heavily in fight or flight mode. At most I should have asked him to critique one room and saved the others for later, when I gain more experience just maintaining.

Then, in classic me fashion, we went to watch a video. I turned off all the lights so he could enjoy it, I accidentally knocked over my glass of the red-dye laden Mountain Dew he brought over for us to enjoy, spilled it all over myself, the floor, my fancy faux fur blanket, my doll’s box, my prized massive bunny plush(please people, I know it’s soft but every time you squeeze it, you’re damaging it! Stop grabbing it and fawning over how cuddly it it, it’s a decoration and you’re actively making it go flat). Thankfully it missed him and it didn’t get all over the buttons of his fight stick, as those things are expensive. šŸ˜±

I think I may have fractured or sprained a toe, in my panic to get it cleaned up. As it was dark I couldn’t see and I stubbed my foot very hard and it still hurts badly. I hope I can comfortably wear my workboots today. My vacation isn’t until the end of the month so open toed shoes aren’t an option. šŸ˜…