Repairs, Cross-stitching, Sewing, Reading, and Lolita Extravaganza!

It’s been a very busy week for me! I’ve been getting a lot of little bits of maintenance done on my car, and all sorts of things that fall into the lifestyle lolita category!

First off, I’ve done a lot of mending. I received this adorable handbag key-chain for Christmas but Michael Kors tapered the part this lock came on and it fell out! I thought I lost the lock and would have to replace it with a Pandora petite and some wire. By some miracle it fell in the front pocket of my Bendel jet-setter tote(I had it locked on the decorative front lock)! After some sanding for a grippier surface and red Loctite, the only way this will come out is with a blow torch!

I also repaired a shoe for one of my dolls. The sole came off; the glue is quite old. I used leftover shoe goo from my work boots and used tiny hair elastics in a miniature replication of how I glue my boot soles back on! I use asparagus rubber bands for my boots as they’re heavy duty.

One of my friends also gave me a dress form meant for jewelry! The dimensions are only a few centimeters larger than Lenya, which is perfect. I’m making a lolita JSK for her right now.

Pardon the messy table, I took this photo to show a friend my progress before I tidied up. The top part isn’t finished, but now I don’t need to physically make things on my doll, so I can take my time.

I’m in love with the little witch hat!

I’m cross-stitching a cover for my Kindle case! It’s also a work in progress and I’m considering whether I should cross stitch the inside of the dresses too, or embroider them.

Lastly, I made a rectangle headdress for a sustainable kawaii competition.

I’d been meaning to make this for a while now but had mostly procrastinated on it aside from making the lace- it’s easy to make a simple trim like this. When I heard about the contest I pulled out the lace I finished about a month ago, along with the waist ties from one of my favorite Bodyline dresses.
I can’t stand waist ties- they’re so hard to tie and make look right, and when you sit in a car it messes it all up- and that’s pretty much the only way to get anywhere around here. If I buy a dress with waist ties, off they come, even if they’re not detachable. That was the case with this dress- and as it’s Bodyline, it won’t get resold because it isn’t worth a lot of money.
The ribbon used to tie this thing to my head along with the thread used to stitch the whole thing together were already in my stash. I gleaned the ribbon from some packaging years ago, and the thread I’m sure for another project.
Best part of this headdress is it matches way more of my wardrobe than my other two! And speaking of the dress the waist ties came from…

I also remembered to take coordinate photos! What a miracle!

The JSK is Bodyline and everything else is vintage/thrifted or off brand. The petticoat is a vintage Malco Mode, however!

I also took a quiz to see how sustainable my laundry habits are. There were a few flaws with the quiz. For instance, it didn’t let me differentiate between how many of my clothes I buy new versus used, or to differentiate much smaller undergarments from full sized garments.

I also generally reuse my rinse water for the soaping/wash cycle for the next load when washing my laundry and it’s so energy-efficient that my current washing machine doesn’t even plug in! It’s a manual hand crank type. I bet my laundry habits are even more sustainable than this quiz suggests.

So that’s it! It’s been a very full week, not to mention all the reading I’ve been doing. I also finished five shorter books this week, including the rest of the short story collection, Emily, by Novala Takemoto. Maybe I should make a page and start reviewing books and other such lolita themed media I read, listen to, and watch. If Rufflechat is any indication, many lolitas are hungry for lolita themed media, and it could make for a nice resource. Maybe that will be my post on Sunday. As you can probably guess, I haven’t been watching much in the way of Netflix or YouTube. I feel that I haven’t been doing much, but after looking back on this week, I’ve been a lifestyle lolita machine in regards to the number of A E S T H E T I C stuff I’ve accomplished. It’s not a race, however. It’s taken me years to get to this point. If you’re in the process of becoming a lifestyle lolita, please remember it is a process and a journey, not a race. You also don’t need to be into all of the stereotypical things that one would associate with being a lifestyle lolita. You can have your own hobbies and perspective, but that is for another post. That one is actually a Frilly Fashion lesson that is in the works.