Frilly Fashion 101: What is an Ita?

If you’re new to lolita fashion, expect to deal with this, it’s part of the rite of passage. If you want to know what does this term entails, read on.

There are two definitions for the word ita, along with a bit of a translation.

Firstly, the translation:

Ita is a derivative of itai, and essentially means ‘a lolita (or someone claiming to be wearing lolita but actually isn’t) it hurts to look at.’

Many new lolitas, and even some seasoned veterans, who don’t yet have an eye for how the fashion, colors, shape, and materials work together, fit into this category. To sum up the first definition, an ita is a lolita with bad fashion sense.

I don’t hide that I fall into this category. Many a blouse, skirt, wig, and especially shoe are traps I fall into. I’ll have to do a post specifically on my shoe woes, but for now I shall share a few of my many examples of itadom.

I’ll get into the other definition of ita after I do a quick breakdown of why these coordinates are bad.

One of my first ever coords. The thing that stands out the most to me is how ill fitting the bodice is. It doesn’t suit my body shape.
This was taken shortly after I got back into lolita(when there was suddenly a local comm and sociaizing no longer required a 100 mile trek). I was struggling to rebuild my wardrobe quickly and bought tea parties that were too small, but listed as my size. Notice the lack of legwear, the not matching blouse, and how the wig that is very obvious in its artificiality.
In this coordinate I’d gotten nicely fitting shoes(not pictured) and legwear! As it was cold and I didn’t have any pink tights I’ll give myself a pass on that, but the blouse leaves a lot to be desired, terrible material included. The skirt is working too hard and my minimal jewelry leaves too much blank space in the chest area. The purse strap doesn’t match but it was swiped off another bag for just in case practicality reasons.
The cross stitched details are too contrasting with this skirt, even if the pinks do match some of the flowers. I tried to create more balance here, with the pinkXblack collar, but again there’s not enough details on the blouse to connect the look, even if the collar was to match. The complete inattention to my hair here is also not helping balance my coordinate. The button covers on the shirt sleeves was also an unusual idea that didn’t pan out.
Here I’m trying to match the darker shades of red in this skirt, but it didn’t quite work out. I thrifted this questionable blouse solely because of the color and I was willing to give the key-hole look a try with a necklace. The hook came undone and it just looks low-cut and not lolita. The blouse did have frilly detailing on the chest, but it’s hard to make out in this photo.
Even “professionals” can style you in very ita looks. This was one of the looks the designer gave me to wear, and in my opinion it was the better of the two, albeit somehow very Mary Antoinette and much too short. The other models insisted I use blush and put some on me, but I feel like my face looks overdone and shiny here. Also notice the weird headbow that is preparing to launch off my wig. Also, if it wasn’t for my chunky necklace and massive wig, I’d look really naked, which is NOT a good look for lolita.

Now for the other definition of ita

An ita can also be someone participating in lolita spaces who refuses to learn from their past mistakes, has terrible manners, actually bullies others(not to be confused with constructive criticism), refuses to take advice or claims others are bullying them because they were given constructive criticism in spaces where it’s allowed by default or even requested it(not to be confused with actively trying to understand why a particular thing doesn’t work and is having a civil discussion), and/or someone who puts other lolitas in danger of some sort, for example by exposing them to NSFW content without consent*. To sum it up, this sort of ita has bad manners and a lack of consideration for others within the lolita community. 

An example of a secret that could be made about an ita who tags things using lolita hashtags while not actually wearing lolita.

*I am fully aware that is the run on sentence to topple all run on sentences, but if it’s not all in one breath many newbie lolitas would pick and choose to disregard the part that may apply to them.