A week so busy

that I barely snapped any photos, unless you include a handful of photos of my ball jointed doll.

I went to a couple of really cool places in D.C. with Polaire on Friday and had a lovely time visiting with her and Scott.

Saturday, before driving back to Salisbury, i hit up Fabric Friends and Dolls. While I stayed within my spending budget, I shouldn’t be buying anything doll related for a few months. šŸ™„

Sunday I did the math and realized I could potentially OWN a house in as little as 5 years. That’s buck WILD. It’s never been a dream to own a land-locked house, tiny houses were the first homes that really captured my imagination, but there is a sort of pressure to do so from others. I don’t know how I feel about that, it’s almost as if society and my communities that are peer pressuring that “need” into me, but I did consider the benefits, and it would make sense as I don’t have plans to leave the area for a long time.

Monday I started my glass blowing class, and Tuesday I started my last major specific class(another short story course). I really enjoy the energy of both my professors, and I’m looking forward to all the cool things I’ll get to learn and apply.

Based on my scheduling I’ll be on campus every single weekday, not to mention working my money-making day-job, so I honestly doubt I’ll have much of anything interesting to update. I think I’ll lay off the weekly update posts, unless there’s a really cool week, until I finish the semester.

I’m not sure if I’ll walk the stage. I felt forced to for high school, and I feel a bit peer pressured into it now for university, but it’s expensive, and I feel so over the whole thing that I kind of want to just quietly finish my classes, take my diploma, and maybe go on a day trip somewhere nice.

But one of my clutch 5 and my partner of 12(or is it 13?) years will also be graduating. I’m more frustrated that I likely won’t be able to sit with them anyway, and I don’t feel like it’s worth it to sit in a crowded room full of people I don’t know, just to walk across a stage. I feel like it’s a sort of parade of trained showdogs.

And here I will take my quiet leave of personal posts, although I fully intend to keep up with the Frilly Fashion 101 classes. Feel free to comment your suggestions below!