Frilly Fashion 101: Is it Ita?

If you’ve read the other Frilly Fashion 101 posts, you’ve got a ton of things in your online shopping carts, and are all primed to click the “Buy Now” button. I know you’re excited, but before you spend your money, let’s consider those purchases!

*A note as I try to use all my own photos for this blog- I pilfered all the pictures in this post from Bodyline’s website.

First, you must consider materials. For beginners, you may want to avoid shiny fabrics. For instance, the dress below is very shiny. When I checked the material on Bodyline’s website, it said “Polyester.” Polyesters can look lovely, but in this instance, it looks like a costume. Avoid the shiny ones until you have a few years under your belt.

Next, you want to avoid over-sized lace, especially in contrasting fabrics. I’ve seen some dresses look lovely despite their cheap lace, but when it’s a contrasting color you get more of that costume effect, and it just looks bad.

You may also wish to avoid buying a very busy dress. Simplicity is your friend when starting out. A busy print, isn’t usually a problem on a sweet dress, but tons and tons of details on something more solid just screams COSTUME ALERT! on an inexperienced lolita. Below is an excellent example of a likely unsalvagable garment (and definitely a bad idea for beginners). Note the tie, and the rose, and the chain, and the buttons, and the plaid, and the ribbons, and all those crazy lines on the weirdly shaped bottom half of the black layer of the skirt. It looks like it should be a-line but it’s stuffed too full.

I do recommend simple and solid pieces made of higher quality materials with simpler details, at least when starting out. Here’s a few examples of lovely Bodyline Dresses, JSKs and skirts that are great for beginners. Note the simple lace detailing, or the printed fabric that speaks of coherence in their simpler cuts without all the add-ons.

If, after all this, you recognize some ita traits in the main pieces you initially picked out, but still think it’s incredibly precious and want it, that’s OK. Follow your bliss, just don’t complain to me when other lolitas tell you your dress is not up to snuff.

How’d you do? Did you initially pick out a totally ita main piece? If so, what was it? Do you have your eye on something new now?