Update: dolls, coords, school, work, tidying

I keep forgetting to take photos of my packed suitcase and lolita coords for weekend trips. That’s my next planned Frilly Fashion 101 post, and I was hoping to write it by Katsucon as it’s the big February one. Oops.

I also finally wore a coordinate I felt relatively pleased with, outside the same two black sweet dresses. šŸ™„ I didn’t take a great photo of the coord, I was exhausted by the time I got home.

Anyway, some updates!

It’s just been dolls, university, dolls, work, tidying, spending time with my partner since the semester started. I’ve spent a little time with one of my grandparents last weekend and while I had fun she ran me ragged.

I can not leave my home on Sundays if I don’t want to fall apart during the week. It’s a lesson I understand psychologically as it’s a necessary respite from the insanity of social interaction and a healthy mental break, even if I spend the whole day working on personal projects, school stuff, or deep cleaning my home.

I made a doll wig after my last post, out of yarn I saved from going into the landfill!

I love the cyber goth meets raggedy anne vibe!

I’ve also sewn a handful of small doll things(like lenya’s apron above, which needs to be lengthened) and have been working on redoing the Aster Ball-jointed-doll AI. I’m making her a yarn wig but it’s a more detailed project as the yarn fibers are so tightly bound- I can’t just brush them out, each strand has to be separated individually.

Wig in progress!

I’ve finally started to bond with the Ai doll, but not until I considered her a more pocket sized version of Lenya(my MSD). Been calling her Lenny as a nickname and it’s sticking. It even transferred over to my MSD to a degree, and they’ve really been helping my through my anxiety as I push through this last semester of university. So instead of a therapy dog, I’ve got a therapy doll. šŸ¤£ but for the reshelling to feel right they need matching eyes. If the eyes aren’t the same they’re not the same character, plain and simple.

But seriously, working on these dolls pulls me out of my own head, and that’s exactly what I need at the moment.

Also, this photo, I can not handle it. Lenny is so cute here!