So I’m already off to a bumbling start-

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yet, it’s a start. I learned I use approximately a roll of toilet paper a week, and produce around two to three ‘tiny wastebaskets’ of garbage a week at home. I didn’t bother measuring how much I generate at work and my partner’s place. They don’t share the same values in regards to trash and I’m not in a space where I’m mentally confident enough to handle any jokes from them.
My partner also measures his trash production as what goes in his own wastebasket, and not his parents- and I understand us using this measure is at least somewhat misguided. We can’t fit take-out containers in his trash can, and he would never let food containers sit in his bin, either.
I also start my no-spend year today. I was hoping my lucky cat charm would arrive in time, so I could wear it as a reminder of my goal. I need to check on the shipping.
So what is allowed on the no-spend challenge year?
I can buy necessities.

That’s fuel and maitnence for my car





phone bill

repairing and maintaining my home and posessions(as opposing to replacing)

investing for retirement

skincare (this conssts of aloe vera gel, skin cleanser, retinol cream, and maybe lotion, provided I finish what I have, first.)

a regular multivitamin

crunchyroll and youtube premium subscriptions

books for the podcast I cohost

gifts for others

Donations for things I care about

restaurants under a litany of conditions

One to two cultural events a month(one if expensive, two if under $50 each)

Why am I doing this?

I want to reel in my spending, reflect on my life by distilling it down to what is important to me, invest for retirement, and instill good habits to save up for a down payment after my no-spend year.

I won’t lie

I did go on a bit of a spending spree yesterday. I pulled the trigger on a few orders I had been meaning to do for a while, so they will be pulled from my bank account before long. But, there was one I didn’t get to before midnight- and so it will wait another year.