The Layers of my To-Sell Box

I have a todo item every day. I need to list or package up and ship something that sold out every day on Poshmark.

At least until I’ve thoroughly listed everything. 😅

So today, I decided to tackle and reorganize my “To sell” box, now that I’ve sold a handful of things. I keep my already listed stuff in an old picnic basket- which also needs reorganizing- and I found stuff I’d already listed! Oops.

So heres my layers of my to-sell box.

And that’s it! Poshmark is mainly for wearables(clothing, shoes and accessories) and I’ve easily sold 1/2 a container’s worth of things and have listed another 3/4’s worth.

Not to mention all the donations! So many donations.

What will I do when I fill up the basket to capacity and stuff hasn’t moved? I’ll drop the price way down. I’ll entice people to buy it. If it is looking like I’d profit at most a dollar or two, I’ll consider the effort and cost of shipping materials (running low on packing tape, y’all) I’ll probably just take it down and donate it. Easier, faster, and completely free.