Side of the Highway Bouquet

A lot of people who live along my route to work have orange lilies in their yards.

These flowers have cross pollinated and now they grow wild on the side of the highway. Then, I saw the Queen Anne’s Lace was blooming outside my home, so I picked some of those, too.

So naturally I picked a bunch. I accidentally picked enough for two bouquets, so I made one for my grandma.

Please ignore my bags of sewing stuff and donation things. (ㆁωㆁ*)

So I got curious. On 1800 flowers, a bouquet of lilies in a very simple vase runs at $45. Not bad for free flowers that would get cut down with state mowers.

And as I brought over a bouquet with no vase for my grandmother(apparently valued at $35) I scored us a total of $80 in home decor for the price of 15 minutes, and a dollar spent several years ago on a pretty vase at a yard sale.